In the swiftly evolving realm of entertainment, TV streaming services have emerged as a transformative force, liberating users from the confines of traditional cable subscriptions. One standout player in this domain is DIRECTV STREAM, offering an extensive range of packages designed to meet diverse preferences and budgets.

directv streaming service


  • $69.98/mo. + tax for 2 months (Limited time offer)
  • Price includes ENTERTAINMENT package ($79.99/mo.) and DIRECTV Sports Pack ($14.99/mo.)
  • Get $25 off for the first 2 months, then prevailing rates apply
  • Local channels included where available
  • Stream on unlimited devices in your home
  • Unlimited Cloud DVR storage included
  • Special offer on premium channels


  • $83.99/mo. + tax for 1 month (Limited time offer)
  • Price includes CHOICE package ($108.99/mo.) and DIRECTV Sports Pack ($14.99/mo.)
  • Get $25 off the CHOICE package for the first 2 months, and 1 month of DIRECTV Sports Pack free
  • Cancel anytime
  • Includes channels in ENTERTAINMENT +
  • Specialty sports including ACC Network, Big Ten Network, MLB Network, NBA TV, SEC Network & more
  • Regional sports networks are included at no extra cost


  • $94.99/mo. + tax for 1 month (Limited time offer)
  • Price includes ULTIMATE package ($119.99/mo.) and DIRECTV Sports Pack ($14.99/mo.)
  • Get $25 off ULTIMATE package for the first 2 months, and 1 month of DIRECTV Sports Pack free
  • Cancel anytime
  • Everything in CHOICE™ +
  • More sports & movies including CBS Sports Network, Discovery Family, FX Movie Channel, NHL Network, STARZ Encore & more

More Advantages of DIRECTV Streaming:

  • Offers 30+ Regional Sports Channels
  • Includes FOX, PBS, ABC, NBC, CBS
  • Cloud DVR storage – Unlimited hours
  • Simultaneous DVR recordings – Unlimited
  • DIRECTV Streaming App – Enjoy your shows anytime, anywhere
  • Stream on unlimited devices at the same time in your home

Highlights of DIRECTV STREAM Content:

  • Access both live and on-demand content featuring popular shows such as:
    • The Simpsons
    • Law & Order SVU
    • Dateline
    • Atlanta
    • The Voice
    • Sports Center
    • The Rachel Maddow Show
    • Good Morning America
    • Family Guy
    • Grey’s Anatomy
    • Yellowstone
    • FOX NFL Sunday
    • The Walking Dead
  • Stay updated with the latest sports news, highlights, exclusive interviews, top trending topics, and the latest information about newly released and upcoming movies and TV series.

directv stream service

Watch MLB Games Without Cable:

  • Begin a complimentary trial of DIRECTV Streaming service to enjoy Major League Baseball games on various devices, including your TV, phone, and computer.
  • No commitment or contract is required, providing flexibility and convenience.

Extensive Sports Coverage:

  • DIRECTV streaming service provides diverse sports coverage, including NHL, NASCAR, MLS, NFL, NBA, MLB, golf, tennis, boxing, and more
  • Enjoy comprehensive coverage of major golf and tennis events, Triple Crown races, World Series, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Playoffs, and the Olympics.

DIRECTV Streaming Packages – Basic

At the heart of DIRECTV STREAM lie four core packages, each catering to varied tastes and preferences.

    • 65+ channels, including ESPN, HGTV, TNT, and USA Network.
    • A robust foundation for those seeking a diverse content array.
  2. CHOICE Package
    • All ENTERTAINMENT channels plus additional options like AMC, FX, and TBS.
    • An expansive selection for those craving a more extensive content library.
  3. ULTIMATE Package
    • All CHOICE channels and high-demand offerings like NFL RedZone, NHL Network, and Starz.
    • Ideal for sports enthusiasts and those desiring an elevated entertainment experience.
  4. PREMIER Package
    • The pinnacle with 140+ channels, integrating all ULTIMATE channels and premium ones like HBO Max, Showtime, and Cinemax.
    • Tailored for those who demand nothing but the best, it offers a top-tier streaming experience.

Add-On Packages: Crafting a Custom Experience

DIRECTV STREAM doesn’t stop there; it provides add-on packages for users to create a personalized streaming experience. These add-ons encompass sports packages, premium channels, and international channels, empowering users to fine-tune their entertainment journey.

Enhancing the Viewing Experience: Features that Matter

DIRECTV STREAM service goes beyond channels and packages, offering features that enhance the streaming experience:

  1. Cloud DVR: Record live TV shows and movies, providing flexibility in viewing.
  2. On-Demand Library: Access an extensive library of on-demand content from live TV channels.
  3. Voice Search: Simplify content discovery with user-friendly voice search functionality.
  4. Multi-Screen Viewing: Empower users to watch TV shows and movies on multiple devices simultaneously, catering to modern, on-the-go lifestyles.

Pricing and Flexibility: Your Entertainment, Your Way

Starting at $69.99 per month, DIRECTV STREAM’s packages are designed to accommodate varying budgets and preferences. Customers can further enhance their packages by adding premium channels and sports packages for an additional fee.

Availability Across the U.S.: Checking Your Access

Accessible to customers across the United States, the DIRECTV streaming service ensures a broad reach. Customers can verify its availability in their area by visiting the DIRECTV STREAM website.

directv streaming

Pros and Cons: Weighing the Options

DIRECTV STREAM service boasts a plethora of channels, cloud DVR capabilities, on-demand content, voice search, and multi-screen viewing, making it an appealing choice. However, users should be mindful of potential cost accumulations, especially with premium channels and sports packages. Additionally, channel availability may vary by region, impacting content comprehensiveness.

Your Personal Best: Tailoring the Streaming Experience

The suitability of DIRECTV STREAM service as the best TV streaming service depends on individual preferences and requirements. For those seeking a broad spectrum of live TV channels and on-demand content with features like cloud DVR and multi-screen viewing, DIRECTV STREAM stands as a compelling option. However, users should carefully consider costs and content availability, exploring other services to find the most fitting solution.

Exploring the Expansive Landscape: Your Journey into Entertainment

In the ever-expanding world of TV streaming services, the ability to choose and tailor the viewing experience to personal tastes is a delightful journey. Whether it’s a thrilling live sports event, a binge-worthy TV series, or a cinematic masterpiece, the world of entertainment awaits at your fingertips, ready to be explored and enjoyed with DIRECTV STREAM.

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